I highly identify with the teachers in these videos. I loved watching these because I have experienced so many moments of being these teachers. Not every video is produced by “Bored Teachers” but the majority of them are.

Recently I have been doing research on ghouls, mythological creatures, Salem Massachusetts, morticians, and crime. I’m sure my Google search history looks weird. I am sharing some of my research with readers who might find the articles I’m reading to be as interesting as I do.

Months ago while I was at work, I suffered from a concussion, resulting in a mild traumatic brain injury. My post-concussion syndrome symptoms have lasted for a long time. I have had trouble reading, suffer from neck pain, headaches, memory loss, and have sensitivity to light and sound. I have been to a lot of doctor appointments and am getting treated for my continued symptoms.

In the beginning, it was really rough. I wasn’t supposed to watch television (not a huge problem for me), but I also wasn’t supposed to READ! 

The last fundraiser I remember taking part of was the school jog-a-thon in sixth grade. I now am about to ask for assistance with another, which will result in a tangible product.



I think you will get a kick out of my promotional video. I toiled over the special effects and music to create the most dramatic, cheesiest video I could conjure with my tech magic.

It is here! The test you my readers have been waiting for. No sorting fire is needed: How to Test Your Affinity. There is a certificate at the end. I need test testers. Let me know what your affinity is on Facebook.

Determining the affinity, or the type, of a Witchkin is a process that involves a sorting fire in the Womby's School for Wayward Witches series. The sorting commonly included Celestor, Elementia, Amni Plandai, or more rarely a double affinity. Even more rare--and dangerous--is the Red affinity.

I wouldn’t be anywhere without my readers. I appreciate your enthusiasm for my books and am thrilled you enjoy my characters and worlds as much as I do. When you email me and tell me how much you love/hate Felix Thatch, you are a teacher and can relate to Clarissa’s budget cuts problems, or just in general that you love my books, it makes me so happy!


For years, I worked hard selling short stories to magazines, novels to publishers, and self-publishing books before deciding to launch the Womby’s School for Wayward Witches series. I continue to push myself so that I can regularly publish books.

Though there are aspects of publishing I enjoy like writing and connecting with fans, there are many aspects that are just time consuming. Some day I hope to hire a personal assistant so I can get more writing done—and get more sleep, but that isn’t going to happen any time soon.


One thing that readers can do to help increase awareness of my books so that I can spend more time writing and less time marketing, is being part of my Street Team. Some authors call this an ARC team or a Launch Team.


Here’s what being on my Street Team entails:

Pretty in Pink

Artist and art teacher with sunny disposition, optimistic world view, and pink hair seeking the love of her life. Looking for someone trustworthy, patient, compassionate, and loving. Must be honest, open, and not evil.


CONTEST: Felix Thatch’s Personal Ad

Do you have a brilliant idea for Professor Felix Thatch’s personal ad for what he would write? (Okay, so if you have gotten to at least Book 4, you probably realize Thatch would sooner die than write a personal ad, but if he did, what would it say?)

If you submit a personal ad for Felix Thatch, using the Google form link below, your entry will be entered in the contest and potentially published in the back of the book. As a thank-you for your enthusiasm for the series, and making my readers and me laugh, I will send the first-place winner a prize in the form of a Womby’s mini-notebook.

Enter your submission in this Google Form. Winners TBA.

Some of these memes would be perfect to hang up in the human resources building. Some perhaps execute the eloquence my congressman or senator needs to see, while others would be perfect for the principal of the school. Of any school, not just my school. All I can do is hang it on my Pinterest board and my website.

Yes, I am a teacher. I also write short stories and novels that often feature teachers like in my WOMBY’S SCHOOL FOR WAYWARD WITCHES Series.

These are snarky teaching memes I would really like to post in my classroom. Last year when I got a color printer in my classroom with the fees from my class, I thought I would even print some of these memes. But alas, it took almost all year before my help desk ticked was responded to for the second or third time after I explained that the tech services hadn’t installed the printer correctly. Being the luddite of luddites, I couldn’t figure it out. Considering the school’s tech guy couldn’t either, I didn’t feel that bad, only I really wanted to print using that big hunk of gears taking up a large section of my desk.

Because it took until the end of the year when I was way too busy to do things like post de-inspirational posters around my classroom, I decided this task would wait until next year. However, I have at least organized all these potential posters in the same place so that I can print them out and hold them up when a student gives me an excuse like, “That is stupid. Why didn’t you give me full credit? I don’t need to put my name on all my papers.”

Here are some things from my own life that influenced Tardy Bells and Witches' Spells, Hex-Ed, Witches Gone Wicked and other books in the WOMBY'S SCHOOL FOR WAYWARD WITCHES Series:

As a school teacher, I have an abundance of weird stories and situations that I channel into my writing. Some of these experiences include:


My Hair Color

On Friday, June 29th, Wordcrafters and City of Eugene unveiled the winners of the Step into Short Stories Contest. The idea behind the contest is that 300-word stories that capture the essence of Eugene are posted in the stairwells of the Overpark Parking Garage on 10th and Oak. This year the city partnered with Wordcrafters, a local writing non-profit to make this happen.

Writers were invited to submit up to three pieces with a “blind” submission process, meaning the author’s name and identifying information was removed from story so that stories would be judged by merit and names wouldn’t bias the judges. Nine pieces were selected and there was a guest author invited to submit a story, totaling ten pieces posted for this particular contest (though there are also other contests: Step into Theatre, Step into Poetry, Step into Comics in other stairwells and garages).

I submitted three pieces and all three pieces won! It is especially validating knowing I won and no one had any idea these were written by the same author or who was submitting them. All three of the stories are posted in the south stairwell of the parking garage. They are also posted on the Wordcrafters website in print and audio format.

The titles of my pieces are:

I am a school teacher. No surprise if you know me. I have been saving teacher memes on Pinterest. I have a few perfect for the end of the school because, guess what? School is out!!!

If you find teacher memes funny, maybe it’s because you’re a teacher. Or maybe it is because some of these are universally funny because you have been a student or have children who resemble the students in the memes.

Those who know me well, have probably heard some of my teaching horror stories. For years I have been wanting to do something with all those moments that were too bad—and good—to forget. I have taken situations while teaching and put them into stories before.

When a middle school student once said, “Does this look like a face that cares?” I used that as the opening line of a short story called Blackboard Galaxy.

When I was really stressed about my difficult teaching job divided between two schools, complicated by knowing I was about to be laid off due to budget cuts, I channeled my pathos into Five Tips for Outsmarting Satan—And Your Students. I included the horrible details of my life at the time of not being given a full prep period or lunch, dealing with unrealistic administrators, and my experience with human resources. When life gave me lemons in the form of students urinating in the garbage can and condoms opened and left everywhere in the classroom, I used that material. I named the neighbor teacher after my real neighbor teacher who took me under his wing and mentored me, Mr. Frost. Fortunately, the real Mr. Frost wasn’t evil.

I have been a teacher for seventeen years. I have an endless supply of stories and horrible teaching moments to use.  Sooner or later, I knew I would be able to use these in a novel. Possibly ever since I read Harry Potter while I was in college to be a teacher I was obsessed with the teachers in Harry Potter. Everyone was talking about how they were waiting for their owl to give them their acceptance letter. I was waiting to be a teacher at Hogwarts.

I have included many of those real life experiences in the series, WOMBY’S SCHOOL FOR WAYWARD WITCHES.

Here are some things from my own life that influenced Hex-Ed and Witches Gone Wicked:

I love Deviant Art because it is a great place to find art, artists and illustrations. I am an artist, but ironically, I don’t use it to show off my art. I use it because I like looking at pretty things. I use it to find illustrations for cover art. That is how I found the illustrator for the Womby’s School For Wayward Witches series.

I joined about a year ago and started “collecting” images of Severus Snape inspired fan art in preparation for my novels. Here were some evocative images that I enjoyed and wanted to share. Perhaps other people will enjoy these pieces as much as I do.