Steampunk Music Inspiration


I love steampunk, not just for novels.

At one point I was doing a steampunk belly dance performance and needed music to match. I asked my science fiction/fantasy critique group (Wordos) if they had any steampunk recommendations. Members suggested Abney Park, a band that considers themselves steampunk. They wear costumes and thematically the music might be considered steampunk. The music has an industrial sound but for me, it didn’t inspire belly dancing.

I ended up going with the Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and the Amelie soundtrack. I have continued to have steampunk belly dance performances or as I like to consider it–steam funk. (Sometimes I break dance!)

In case you are looking for some fun steampunk music inspiration, check out some of my favorites below.

Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer–This is the perfect mix of Victorian sounding music with something energetic and new.

Amelie Soundtrack–I love the accordion and old-fashioned feel of the music.

Steampunk Giraffe–You will get a kick out of the musicians dressed and dancing as automatons, the steampunk lyrics and the vocal range of the guy with the deepest voice.

Rasputina–Transylvanian Concubine–I selected this particular song because of the creepy music video, but anything by Rasputina has ambience that feels both new and old. Seeing the musicians play in their Gothic attire is also fun.

The Cog is Dead–This definitely has an old-fashioned feel combined with something new. It is energetic and fun for dancing.

Lindsey Stirling (Fun steampunk video) Not everything this artist does is steampunk but often there is a fantasy feel or story in her videos and I thought this one was perfect to fit this theme.

The Hu (Yuve Yuve Yu)—A Mongolian Band that mixes the old world feel with something new, the actual music starts 1:05. It isn’t technically steampunk but I feel like it embraces that upcycling spirit of Steampunk. This is my favorite song of theirs.

Steampunk Breakdance–This is just a fun video to watch. That is the memorable part of this. Also the fire dancing is fun.

Feel free to share your favorite steampunk musicians and music in the comments.