Son of a Succubus Series

Magic. Mayhem. Mystery.

If you could relive your youth, what would you do differently? Lucifer Thatch isn’t going to make the same mistakes again. This time he is going to save Abigail MacQuillan Lawrence from her fate.

Lucifer Thatch—son of a succubus, cat familiar, and devilishly handsome Witchkin extraordinaire—has given up everything to be with Abigail MacQuillan, the witch he loves: his human body, his comfortable life as a powerful apprentice, and his magic. For thirty long years Lucifer Thatch has endured living in the Morty Realm, cursed to remain in the body of a cat.

In this series, Lucifer must seek help from the Witch of Nightmares to break his curse and Abby’s, learn the physics of souls, and come to terms with his incubus charms in order to save Abby, and be reunited with her once again.