The Physics of Souls: Lucifer Thatch’s Education of Witchery

Magic. Mayhem. Mystery.

If you could relive your youth, what would you do differently? Lucifer Thatch isn’t going to make the same mistakes again. This time he is going to save Abigail MacQuillan Lawrence from her fate.

Lucifer Thatch—son of a succubus, former cat, and devilishly handsome as his name suggests—expected a happy ending once he kissed his sleeping beauty and her curse was lifted. But it seems the fairy tale ending he’d been hoping for is only the start of more magical maladies.

Instead of returning Abigail Lawrence’s soul to her sleeping body, something has gone wrong in the process and she wakes up—but not as herself. While Lucifer struggles to find a solution to the physics of souls, he must thwart randy unicorns, lecherous nobles, and Baba Nata, the Witch of Nightmares.

When a Fae enemy complicates matters, Lucifer must decide the price he’s willing to pay in order to ensure the safety of the woman he loves.

This is a spin-off series of Womby’s School for Wayward Witches and The Trouble with Hedge Witches.