Of Curse You Will: A Not-So-Cozy Witch Mystery

Roses are red. Corpses are blue. I want you dead. And your boyfriend too.
—Your Secret Enemy

Having a clandestine romance in a realm of witches, Fae, and monsters is dangerous, especially when Prince Charming’s curse complicates one’s sex-life—and could result in death.

Clarissa Lawrence’s powers have returned. Just when everything seems to be going so well that Clarissa no longer wishes to live in a fantasy realm where she could be teaching good students at a fictional school like Hogwarts, her perfect world collapses around her. Clarissa’s best friend wants nothing to do with her. Her wicked roommate is back to her nefarious ways. Felix Thatch, her magical mentor, withdraws after becoming intimate with her. Worse yet, a mysterious presence haunts the school and threatens Clarissa and those closest to her.

Clarissa doesn’t know how to explain it all. She must figure out who is behind these threats before anyone else gets hurt.