• Writing

    Tooth fairies and bogeymen, evil robot love ballads, Jane Eyre working in a house of werewolves, office messiahs and optimist police, blind dates with Satan--These are a few of my favorite things! Welcome to Sarina Dorie's worlds of humorous science fiction, fantasy and sunny paranormal romance. The site links to articles on writing, published short stories, published novels and presentations by the author. In the blog, find useful tips on writing short stories and fantasy.

  • Art

    Acrylic nature paintings that resemble batik style textiles, Japanese and Asian influenced flower paintings, nature photography, world photography, science fiction, fantasy and horror illustrations, and fashion such as hair fascinators, mini top hats, bloomers and bustle skirts for sale.

  • Dance

    Tribal fusion belly dance classes: a blend of American tribal belly dance and tribaret style with elements of flamenco, break dance, jazz, fan dance and other styles mixed in to create  steampunk (or steamfunk) as well as other non-traditional and alternative styles of belly dance. Tribal fusion performances and themed performances at local venues and links to videos provided. Blog articles on common belly dance questions. Links to free instructional videos coming soon!

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