Beastly Beauties and Gentlemen Monsters: Enchanted Fairy Tales for all Ages from the Chronicles of Forget-Me-Not Forest

Magic. Trolls. Witches. Shape shifters.
Funny fractured fairy tales for all ages.

In these stories, monsters deserve happy endings too!

This collection includes:
The Trouble with Trolls
The Gentle Monster
A Monster and a Gentleman

The Trouble with Trolls

A whimsical and happy fairy tale for the young at heart.

In this fractured fairy tale, a wicked and selfish king accidentally marries a big beautiful troll. Their child is a troll changeling who becomes the king’s pet warrior, becoming the monster he needs to destroy his enemies.

Unfortunately for King Hathgar, his troll son escapes. Worse yet, upon his return, Harry the Troll, experiences a sudden malfunction in his ability to remain a troll and becomes cursed with the body of a human. How is Hathgar ever going to take over the neighboring kingdom if his secret weapon stops eating people?

When Harry, discovers that he prefers being gentle rather than acting as a monster, he comes up with a plan of his own to defeat the king.

The Gentle Monster

A fractured fairy tale for lovers of beauty and the beast.

Samrath is a gentle monster who lives in the forest healing woodland creatures and performing good deeds.

After Samrath’s mother is slain by a hunter’s arrow, he must decide whether he chooses revenge or forgiveness. When his father claims the hunter’s sister—a beautiful princess—as retribution for his wife’s death, he insists Samrath eat the young woman. Yet Samrath finds her too lovely to destroy.

Also, he doesn’t eat people. Samrath’s father keeps the princess as their prisoner instead.

In the process of falling in love with a princess horrified by his monstrous form, Samrath struggles to understand the difference between what he wants and what he needs to heal his ailing heart.

Can he figure this out in time before the princess’s plot to destroy him comes to fruition?

A Monster and a Gentleman

Love and magic with a side of humor.

Fergus is cursed with a boar’s head, a lizard’s tale, tusks, horns, and grass growing on his head. More than anything, he longs to be human and to be accepted by his human family.

His curse will only be broken if he can find a woman who loves him despite his monstrous appearance. It’s just his luck he should fall for a beautiful princess. Only if he can convince her of his gentle heart, despite his beastly appearance, will he earn her affection and possibly break the curse.

When that plan doesn’t work, what else is left for a monster to do?

Beastly Beauties and Gentleman Monsters are sweet and clean love stories for readers who believe monsters deserve happy endings too! This is one of many collections of stories that take place in The Chronicles of Forget-Me-Not Forest.