Magical Maladies for Beginners: Lucifer Thatch’s Education of Witchery

Magic. Mayhem. Mystery.

If you could relive your youth, what would you do differently? Lucifer Thatch isn’t going to make the same mistakes again. This time he is going to save Abigail MacQuillan Lawrence from her fate.

After living for three decades as a cat, Lucifer Thatch’s curse has been lifted, and he is once again a man. Yet the moment he awakens into this new life, he learns the witch who he served as a familiar has been cursed into the form of a tree.

Lucifer Thatch will do anything to cure the woman he loves, even trade his soul to a witch—and he fears that is just what he will have to do if he can’t cure her with his own magic.

Lucifer must go to the Witch of Nightmares, his former mentor, Baba Nata to restore Abigail Lawrence from her curse of slumber. Only once Baba has him, he knows she isn’t going to let him free. It’s going to take a deal with the devil—and Lucifer, despite his name—isn’t the devil in this story.

This is a spin-off series of Womby’s School for Wayward Witches and The Trouble with Hedge Witches.