Three Alternate History Neo-Regency Books I Enjoyed


I blame Jane Austen for my love of the Regency or Georgian era. And I can also blame Jane Austen on my love of Mr. Darcy. In the last few years there have been quite a few novels that are fantasy that take place in the Regency era. Below are my three favorites!

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel by Susanna Clarke

Magic mysteriously fizzled out and now is returning to England for reasons just as mysterious. Some of my favorite things about this book: the mysterious and elusive Raven King, evil fairies who twist bargains, interpersonal conflicts between magicians, love stories, plot twists, the Regency era, and magic.

Things that people typically dislike about this book is the intrusive footnotes and asides. I listened to the audiobook and they didn’t reference the academic asides, so it might be easier for readers to listen instead.

This also has been made into a television show.

The Glamourist Histories series by Mary Robinette Kowal

Jane Austen meets magic in this romantic series. I love the Mr. Darcy-like love interests, magic, defying social traditions of the era, and the sexual tension in these sweet love stories.

Temeraire Series by Naomi Novak

Imagine the Regency era but fighting Napoleon with dragons! What more is there to love? Captain Laurence is sympathetic and likeable, but it is really Temeraire and all the other dragons that hooked me and keep me coming back for more. At the time I am writing this, I have read up to the fifth book.

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