Research for Demons, Monsters, and Magical Creatures from Gone Ghoul


In the book Gone Ghoul from the Vega Bloodmire Cozy Witch Mystery Series, Vega is investigating the disappearance of students. She knows a Fae is using books as a lure to transport students into the Faerie Realm. She doesn’t know if the Fae is abducting teenage girls to mate with them or eat them. I wrote certain clues into the manuscript, but I didn’t know what was important and what was misdirection, what to keep and what to discard, and what kind of creature was behind the disappearances until I stopped at the midway point and did some investigating


 I had to do research on various kinds of mythical creatures based on the clues I wrote and what was going to fit the monster that I had set up. I was discovering the kind of creature it was along with Vega.


Since it is fall and time for creepy monsters, I am releasing this series soon, and other people might want to have a list of monsters handy for their own research, I thought I would share some of the websites that I explored.


The first half of the list are specific fairy creatures and demons.


Fae Who Seduce

A gancanagh is a sweet-talking Fae in Scottish lore who is beautiful. He makes women fall in love, become lustful, and pine for him.


Weird Demons that Characters Could Conjure

Consider Duke Sallos a pacifist demon conjured to make people fall in love. Sitri compels ladies to take off their clothes and reveal their secrets.


The second half of the list are articles specific on demons, monsters, creatures, djinn, and related topics from the Middle East since there is a character in the book from the Middle East, I make references to djinn, and one of the characters summons a demon.


Wikipedia jinn, djinn, and related creatures


Names of Different Djinn


Arabian Demons


An Interesting Article about Ghouls


Middle Eastern Baby Names


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