Fun Articles about the Tooth Fairy, Fairy Godmothers, and the Bogeyman


While writing Wrath of the Tooth Fairy, I borrowed mythology and creatures from fairy tales. There are fairies, tooth fairies, and fairy godmothers. In the corporate occupations of the Fairy Realm, there are muses, angels, cupids, insomnia fairies, grim reapers, frog princes, Santas, demons and others. Some of these fairies are influenced by Greek mythology while some are my own takes on the career paths fairies and other immortals would need to fill.

Below are some fun articles and resources to check out if you are interested in learning more about tooth fairies, fairy godmothers, and the mythology, physiology, and psychology of bogeymen.

Tooth Fairy

A cute press release from Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister about the Tooth Fairy Being an Essential Worker during Coronavirus.

Here is a fun article with some interesting tooth fairy facts posted on a dental website.

Tooth Fairy Lore

More fun facts about tooth fairies


Fairy Godmothers

Fairy Tales and Analysis



Fairy Godmothers as an Archetype Characters



A short, quick article on bogeyman origin.

Sleep Paralysis—the physiological and psychological phenomenon of a bogeyman explained

Kanashibari—A Japanese phenomenon of sleep paralysis related to bogeyman

Henry Fuseli—artist of “The Nightmare”

Bogeymen from around the world

Where does the bogeyman come from? A longer, more in-depth article.