Research While Writing Ghoulish Charms the first book in The Vega Bloodmire Cozy Witch Mystery Series


Recently I have been doing research on ghouls, mythological creatures, Salem Massachusetts, morticians, and crime. I’m sure my Google search history looks weird. I am sharing some of my research with readers who might find the articles I’m reading to be as interesting as I do.

Hybrid creatures

Mythic Humanoids




Incredible Dragons from History

Faeries of the Water

Fantasy Name Generator

Sexually Deviant Demons

Fallen Angel Names

I pondered whether the names Lilith, Abaddon, Baal, Beelzebub, Asmodeus or Wormwood might be good names that would be scary or fun for town where murder mysteries happen. Wormwood Inlet? Beelzebub Bay? Port Asmodeus? Abaddon Harbor? Lilith Hill? East Baal? Devil’s Hill? Beelzebub Bailey? West Wormwood?

List of Fallen Angels

Wealthiest Neighborhoods in New England

Possible places near Lady of the Lake School for Girls would be Weston or Newton. I also figured out that probably if they are in a nice neighborhood not far from Salem, they could potentially be near Lynn Woods, Tumney Marsh Reservation, Middlesex Fells Reservation or Mt. Auburn Cemetery. The oak Grove Cemetery is near Middlesex Fells Reservation.

10 Wealthiest Neighborhoods in New England

State Map

I was trying to figure out where Salem was in relation to the rich neighborhoods.

Salem sunrise sunset

Ask a Mortician

I went down a rabit hole on this.

Cemetery Travel: Exhuming Corpses for Fun and Profit: Your take-along guide to graves and graveyards around the world

Exhuming Corpses for Fun and Profit

Police Titles


Penny farthing and high-wheel terminology.

Keeping Up with a Time-Travelling Victorian Couple

This was the rabbit hole I went down looking at Victorian bicycles.

Keeping up with a Time-Travelling Victorian Couple

If you are intrigued by these articles, you will probably enjoy reading Ghoulish Charms. Stay tuned for more info about the Vega Bloodmire Series