Book 3 of Son of a Fae

A Court of Nightmares: Captain Errol of the Silver Court Royal Guard

Captain Errol of the Silver Court’s royal guard thought he wanted revenge. Now he just wants to survive.

After exposing a conspiracy to keep King Viridios in ignorance about criminal activities in his kingdom, Errol joins his sovereign in battle with the villainous Raven Court. Justice is less sweet than Errol had hoped for, and the scars of war leave him wounded inside and out.

When Errol is finally allowed to resume his normal life, he finds he must survive the politics and etiquette of court—and persevere against new enemies who wish to kill him for exposing their plans to usurp the king.

Can Errol come to terms with his muse magic, navigate the strict hierarchy of classism in Fae society, and craft magical bargains with an impossible prince in order to outwit his enemies?

This is a coming-of-age fantasy set in the same world as Womby’s School for Wayward Witches, Son of a Succubus, and The Trouble with Hedge Witches Series.