Hedgewitchin’ in the Kitchen: The Witch’s Familiar and Thirteen Magical Recipes

After Happily-Ever-After

Clarissa Lawrence knows little of her fairy godmother’s past. When she discovers an unopened wedding present in the form of a recipe book from her adoptive mother, she also finds a letter that explains Abigail Lawrence’s mysterious past.

Abigail Lawrence’s Untold Story: The Witch’s Familiar

When Abigail Lawrence’s daughter becomes injured while working as a teacher at a magical boarding school for at-risk youth, she returns to the Unseen Realm, a place she gave up so that she could live a normal life without magic. While staying at Womby’s School for Wayward Witches to nurse her daughter back to health, her black cat, Lucifer, begins to act unusual as a reaction to all the magic. He runs off, and she fears for his safety. Abigail must employ the assistance of witches and their magic to help her get him back—even if it risks her soul in the process.

Included in this book are thirteen recipes of Clarissa Lawrence’s favorite recipes mentioned in the series, excerpts from scenes than feature these foods in the series, and Abigail Lawrence’s hedgewitching tips for a modern witch.

This is a crossover story that takes place between books 1 and 4 in Clarissa Lawrence’s Womby’s School for Wayward Witches Series and after book 3 in Abigail’s The Problem With Hedge Witches Series. It is a fun standalone novel, fine to read prior to starting either series.