Short Stories

A Ghost's Guide to Haunting Humans is cute and quirky list of guidelines every ghost in the afterlife should practice. This flash fiction story (under 1000 words) won the Whidbey Student Choice Award in 2011.

The story is posted in its entirety here.

“The Last Supper,” is a 250 word flash fiction story in the form of a list of suggestions for baking yams--which may or may not be from this world. This is a humorous sci-fi take on the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sarina Dorie is a science fiction author

"Five Tips for Abducting a Human Without Being Caught" is a short list of silly tips written by a human, er, an alien for aliens. Originally published by Third Flatiron Publishing. Story is published in its entirety on this website.

“The Optimist Police,” is a humorous story about one man’s struggle in a society with unrealistic expectations about positive attitude. The 3000 word story was originally published by New Myths.

Losing One’s Appetite is a humorous horror story with a cowboy vampire who is having difficulty with his intended dinner. The story is under a thousand words.

“Cinderella’s Holo-wand,” is a futuristic look at the Cinderella fairytale. The humorous story takes a look at what would happen if we could use technology to instantly alter our bodies to make our dreams come true. This 4000 word short story was originally published by Perihelion Magazine.

You think your office is bad? At least you don’t have an intern who turns the ink in the copy machine to wine or someone who brings loaves and fishes into the office and stinks it up. Imagine “Office Space” meets the Holy Bible. “The Office Messiah” was originally published by Bards and Sages. This quirky comedy is about 1500 words.

On an alien world of giant insects, Rover strives to be like every other drone and mate with the queen. When he isn’t able to perform his drone duties, he struggles for acceptance and finds friendship and love in an unlikely place—among humans. Along Rover’s journey he finds he holds a key to helping humans overcome their infertility on his planet and offers a solution for uniting his people with the newcomers to his world.

“The Day of the Nuptial Flight” is a 10,000 word science fiction novelette originally published in Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Zombie Psychology is a funny flash fiction fantasy/horror story. The story is about a woman who must get rid of her ex-boyfriend who is now a zombie . . . before he eats her brain.

“Interstellar Tech Support,” is a quirky 1600 word sci-fi story about a man experiencing technical difficulties in space while under alien attack—made worse by the service provider that is supposed to aid him with his futuristic technology. This is a fun read for anyone who has experienced poor customer service, been put on hold and been asked twenty questions by tech support.

Sarina Dorie has sold over 100 short stories. Links to free humorous, science fiction and  fantasy stories are now located in the Writing News tab. These links will take you to the markets they originally appeared in. In the story section of this website you will find a listing of many short stories. You can find more individual stories in this short story section and some available on smashwords for download.