10 Reasons to Attend the Second Star Festival in Florence, Oregon


Florence Events Center

715 Quince St., Florence Oregon 97439



We used to have Faerieworlds in Eugene but it has now moved up to the Portland area. Considering we now have a void in the fairy community, I expected there to be more people at the Second Star Festival when I went. On the other hand, the event is still pretty new. It is my hope that it will grow and their attendance will also grow.

steampunk pirate aesthetic

Below are reasons to attend next year’s Second Star Festival.

1. The Beach!

Florence is next to the beach so the fair is a great trip on the way to the beach. I’ve always wanted to have an artistic photoshoot at the beach in steampunk clothes like I always see on Pinterest so this might be the perfect opportunity.


2. Excellent weather

Florence, Oregon is usually about twenty degrees cooler than Eugene. It was in the nineties at home, but in the seventies with a breeze in Florence. The outdoor part of the fair wasn’t too hot or too cold. This is a great event for August.

the dragon wishing booth

3. Indoor and outdoor booths

Unlike all the other outdoor festivals I’ve been to, this had a cool, air-conditioned interior. Actually, unlike all the indoor fairy, steampunk and science fiction themed conferences I went to this summer, this had a cool, air-conditioned interior.

Second Star Festival

4. Ambiance

Steampunk pirate decorations bedecked the interiors. There were nets, banners, and assemblages all over.


5. Mermaids and Mermen

Outside at the pool were mermaids. Mermaid sightings have increased at events like Westercon, Gearcon and Faerieworlds in the last couple years, but appearances of mermen are rarer. I was impressed to see a merman with a twirly mustache singing songs with the mermaids. When I walked out and heard them singing “Part of This World” from The Little Mermaid movie, it was magical.

6. Belly dancers

What fairy/steampunk/bohemian festival would be complete without belly dancers?


7. Dressing Up

Had I known so many people would be dressed as pirates, wearing corsets, sporting wings or painted silver, I would have dressed in my steampunk attire rather than my beach clothes.

8. Variety of venders.

There were many booths: from upcycled clothing, books, adult coloring books, art and a gallery space and other items you would see at a bohemian festival.

attire for a fairy gentleman

9.Free Parking

Unlike many of the conventions, conferences and fairs I have been to this year, the parking was free.

10. Events and happenings

There were constant performances and instructional classes. I was only there for a few hours, but in that time I heard music and saw part of a magic show. The organizers did a good job using their Facebook page to promote and announce the performances that were going on.

harry potter table and chairs

I plan on being there in 2017. I hope to see you there!

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