The Lost Memories of Meriwether Klark: Book 4 in The Memory Thief Series


Imagine what our galaxy would look like if the Victorians had rediscovered space flight. What British merchant would be interested in a paltry business such as the East India Trading Company when he could invest in The East Milky Way Trading Company instead? 

Meriwether Klark remembers little of his former life before his father took him to New Campton Manor Station, only that his mother paid dearly for displeasing Lord Archibald Klark. Meriwether’s new home is a strange place with an artificial sun, nannies made of metal, and ghostly echoes of someone locked below the mansion. While dodging his father’s wrath, Meriwether learns the station is built on secrets . . . and he is determined to uncover them. 

Before long Meriwether is crawling through vents, constructing spying automatons and making friends with lower-class people his father would disapprove of. He discovers his father’s greatest enemy is a vengeful vigilante known as The Phantom of the Station. If Meriwether is to ever find out what happened to his mother and expose all the wicked deeds his father has committed, he will have to team up with a man more dangerous than his father. And somehow he must keep up appearances and remain devilishly handsome in the latest frock coat fashions. 

If he is caught defying Lord Klark, he may end up dead.

The Lost Memories of Meriwether Klark: Book 3 in The Memory Thief Series is available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle.