Racy Scene from The Lost Memories of Meriwether Klark


My novel, The Lost Memories of Meriwether Klark is currently at 105,000 words, which is pretty long for something in the romance genre. It gets longer every time I edit it. Below is a racy scene that I really liked because it builds on the romance between the characters but isn’t actually needed in the story. 

My thoughts flickered back to Felicity the day before eating Cook’s chocolate mousse. Felicity eyed the mousse dubiously. She’d never had such a dessert before. The moment she tasted her first bite, she’d closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure tasting it. Suddenly I wished I were made of chocolate and she were tasting me. I imagined her mouth on me, licking me like she licked the spoon, savoring ever last bit. My face flushed and my pants felt as though a tent pole had been erected within. I scooted closer to the table and crossed my legs in the hope no one would notice.

My tent pole still hadn’t subsided when the men left the table and went to the smoking room.

“I’ll be along shortly,” I promised. “I’ve decided to have seconds. Cook’s puddings are just too delicious to have only one.” I laughed and tried to make light of it.

Father frowned and sighed. He probably thought I was trying to spend time alone with Felicity.

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