Puck’s Prophecy Chocolate Divination


In the Womby’s School for Wayward Witches Series, the school guidance counselor uses chocolate in order to foretell to future for the teachers’ school year. Below is a list of possible flavors and textures the staff might encounter and the meaning of Puck’s Prophecy Chocolate.

If you find yourself with a piece of prophecy chocolate, you’ll now know what your future holds. Don’t cheat like some of the teachers and switch your chocolate with someone else’s to get your preferred fortune!

Caramel: Sweet! Good things are to come! Except for the cavities.

Nuts: Be prepared for things to get a little bit nutty. There’s going to be some chaos and hectic moments ahead, but remember, not all wacky moments result in disaster.

Toffee: This signifies pleasant bursts of joy and happy surprises.

Salt: Be prepared for tears. Whether they are tears of joy or sorrow depends on what other flavors are combined with this.

Coconut: Get ready for something different and exotic. This might be a travel to someplace unusual or someone unexpected turning up in your life.

Dark: Just like your soul. That darkness might the still and quiet of night, a restful respite, or it might be the gloom others inflict on you—you inflict on others.

Milk: This can represent moderation—the balance between light and dark. It can also mean you’re boring and stuck in a rut. You decide which fits your situation best.

White: Decadent and sweet, this is joy diluted with frivolous people who don’t have your true needs in mind. This can represent shallow pleasures that are nice while they last. You might as well take advantage of that while you can.

Soft: This can signify ease. It can also signify laziness and heedlessness if too abundant.

Fruity: You prefer the natural verses the artificial, true sustainable happiness to temporary. Don’t be surprised if things get a little kooky along the way.

Chewy: You are going to have to work to achieve your goals. On the plus side, you get to savor every flavor along your journey.

Spicy: Did you know cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and capsaicin are all aphrodisiacs? Get ready for some sizzle in your romantic life.

Hard: Be prepared for some trials. At least this will help you enjoy the better times.

Raw cocao: It looks like you’re one of those healthy goody-goodies, whether by choice or because you know what’s best for you. As such, the path ahead of you is clear. You will do what is in your best mental and physical health, whether you want to or not.

Gritty: You are going to have to work hard and show some grit to persevere.

If you enjoy the humor and flavor of this chocolate prophesy, you will also probably enjoy reading Witches Gone Wicked when Puck and his chocolate is first introduced. Happy reading and happy eating!