Herbal Foraging, Gaelic names, and Second Cousins—The Research That Went into the Son of a Succubus


Most of the research that went into both The Trouble With Hedge Witches Series and the Son of a Succubus Series relied on many of the same websites and sources of information. These are only a few of the windows I had up the entire time I was writing one series and then the other. (Yeah, I’m one of those people who has thirty tabs up at once. My husband tells me this is why my computer is so slow.)


Practical Self Reliance

I returned to this article multiple times on finding fresh herbs and edible plants available to be foraged in the spring. I wish I had bookmarked this site while writing the The Trouble With Hedge Witches Series because I needed all that information again with the Son of a Succubus Series.



What is a Second Cousin Twice Removed

I wanted to try to figure out how Izzy was related to Lucifer in the Son of a Succubus Series. If this is correct, that means I have been calling my cousins the wrong thing my entire life. Apparently my cousins children, who I thought were second cousins are actually first cousins once removed.



Female Gaelic Names

In The Trouble With Hedge Witches Series because and the Son of a Succubus Series, many of the creatures in the forest come from British mythology, specifically Scottish and Irish, so I wanted Gaelic names.



Stalactite vs. Stalagmite—What’s the difference?

I knew the answer to that when I was in elementary school because I liked caves. I made references multiple times so I needed to remind myself to get it right.



If these articles are of interest to you, probably the series is as well. You can see the series here on Amazon.com: