Seven Great Sci fi Videos That Are Each Under 20 Minutes


These are videos made by Dust and Omeleto, short films that are like reading a short story rather than a novel. I have been watching these videos because they are short pieces that can be watched while eating lunch. Many are “award winning” which implies they will be “good” though I often find that doesn’t mean much. The filming is great, and often there are talented actors, but many are written like incomplete short stories. Sometimes a problem, setting, or character is set up but there is no plot. The characters aren’t taking actions to create the resolution. They are reacting to events rather than participating in the conflict or resolution. As a short story author, I find some of these disappointing. But I could also say the same thing about a lot of “artsy” films I watch on Netflix or in literary film festivals.


However, in these videos, I have also found some that are extremely good. I have included these below.


So You’ve Grown Attached

I love this because it is so cute and about imaginary friends. It is also a great example of story structure. The character has a problem, resists the solution, but then works to solve it.



This was happy and delightful an utterly unexpected. I was surprised how fun and understandable it was without words. As far as plot goes, it is very simple but there is basically a problem and solution that resolves it.



This is super creepy but I liked it. This is exactly why Alexa and Siri are not going to be allowed to be my babysitter.



This was classified as horror but I thought it was comedy. Dark comedy.


Final Offer

This was dark humor and had a satisfying ending.


The Candidate

I can’t giveaway why I liked this. It’s all about the end. This was my kind of story.


Orbit Ever After

This is another one I can’t say why I like it. It is eccentric and weird but it really is about irony.

If you enjoyed these videos, you probably are a good fit for reading short stories as well. If you haven’t already seen it, you might enjoy:

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