Son of a Succubus Series Collection: Lucifer Thatch’s Education of Witchery

Magic. Mayhem. Mystery. An incubus with a heart of gold in a slow-burn sweet romance.

If you could relive your youth, what would you do differently? Lucifer Thatch isn’t going to make the same mistakes again. This time he is going to save Abigail MacQuillan Lawrence from her fate.

Lucifer Thatch—son of a succubus, cat familiar, and devilishly handsome Witchkin extraordinaire—has given up everything to be with Abigail MacQuillan, the witch he loves: his human body, his comfortable life as a powerful apprentice, and his magic. For thirty long years Lucifer Thatch has endured living in the Morty Realm, cursed to remain in the body of a cat.

In this series, Lucifer must seek help from the Witch of Nightmares to break his curse and Abby’s, learn the physics of souls, and come to terms with his incubus charms in order to save Abby, and be reunited with her once again.

Book 1
A Familiar Magic
Freedom has a price for those afflicted with curses.

When spies from the Raven Court threaten Abby and the life Lucifer has built in the Morty Realm, he has newfound reason to become a human again and embrace his powers to protect the woman he loves.

Book 2
Curse of the Witching Hour

Witches, curses, and incubus charms—Oh My!

Just when Lucifer Thatch thinks he knows how to cure his curse, that means is stolen from him. To make matters worse, the witch he loves is kidnapped.

Lucifer must get his human body back to save the woman he loves, even if it means battling with witches and Fae in the process.

Book 3
Magical Maladies for Beginners

Lucifer must go to the Witch of Nightmares, his former mentor, Baba Nata to restore Abigail Lawrence from her curse of slumber. Only once Baba has him, he knows she isn’t going to let him free. It’s going to take a deal with the devil—and Lucifer, despite his name—isn’t the devil in this story.

Book 4
The Physics of Souls

Instead of returning Abigail Lawrence’s soul to her sleeping body, something has gone wrong in the process and she wakes up—but not as herself. While Lucifer struggles to find a solution to the physics of souls, he must thwart randy unicorns, lecherous nobles, and Baba Nata, the Witch of Nightmares.

Book 5
Incubus Charms

Lucifer Thatch must go to the underworld to retrieve the missing pieces of his true love’s soul—before it’s too late. In order to lure these pieces of soul with his incubus magic, he must collect leshi tears and weave them into a net of magic to catch Abigail’s soul.

Easier said than done, especially when most leshi would sooner eat a fair maiden than help save one.

Book 6
A Vial Full of Magic

Being an incubus isn’t easy—especially when one needs to steal and lie for the Witch of Nightmares.

Baba Nata, the Witch of Nightmares, will allow Cinderfella to go to the ball at the Raven Court’s castle to restore Abigail’s soul, but only if he promises to steal the Ruby of Divine Wisdom from Vega Bloodmire, the Raven Queen. If he succeeds, he will be able to heal Baba’s health. If he is caught, Lucifer risks a beheading.

It’s going to be difficult to heal his true love if Lucifer is tried for treason.

Book 7
A Devil of a Time

Being an incubus isn’t easy—especially when one is only a heartbeat away from losing true love.

When Abigail goes missing, the clues point to a kidnapping by a leshi. Lucifer’s fragile friendship with the Fae in question appears to be as false as everything else in his life.

It’s up to Lucifer to rescue Abigail before an enemy from their past takes out his revenge on her.

This is a spin-off series of Womby’s School for Wayward Witches and The Trouble with Hedge Witches.