Cackles and Cauldrons: A Not-So-Cozy Witch Mystery

Roses are red. Corpses are blue. I want you dead. And your boyfriend too.—Your Secret Enemy

Clarissa Lawrence finally has broken through the emotional fortress of her magical mentor and proven her love to him—and he has reciprocated in return. She would like nothing more to bask in their new love. Yet mysterious forces are at work, trying to keep them apart.If trouble doesn’t come in the form of Clarissa’s wicked roommate, or the school’s new principal hell-bent on upholding the no-dating policy, it’s her own friends, and finally the mysterious spy known as the Princess of Lies and Truth, a.k.a. her secret Fae enemy who threatens to ruin Clarissa’s happy ending.

When Thatch is accused of murder, Clarissa must prove that Thatch has been framed, a difficult task considering all evidence points in his direction. Yet if she uses her forbidden skills of necromancy, she risks exposure of her affinity and her job in the process.