A Cauldron Full of Curses: Fairy Tales of Magic and Mystery

Mystery. Magic. Revenge. Not all fairy tales are meant to come true.

Magic doesn’t grow on trees—except for hedge witches with an affinity for plant magic.

After Abigail MacQuillan’s family has been murdered by Fae, she decides there’s only one thing to be done—she needs to become a powerful witch so that she can make her enemies pay. In order to learn to harness her powers, she apprentices with Baba Nata, the Witch of Nightmares. Nothing is free in the Faerie Realm, and there will be a price to study with Baba—which might cost Abigail her fingers and toes.

Baba seems wise and all-knowing with her powers of divination. Even the Fae don’t want to cross this witch’s path. Yet there are some monsters even Baba fears. A mysterious Fae force is draining Witchkin children and lesser Fae alike.

If Abigail doesn’t defeat this new foe, she might be next.