Son of a Fae Series Collection: Errol of the Royal Guard

Secrets. Lies. Betrayal.

Not all muses inspire. Some destroy.


Book 1: A Court of Muses

All Fae know the danger of making bargains, especially when the cost is one’s soul.

When Errol is faced with the choice between honor and integrity versus loyalty to his king, his values are put to the test.


Book 2: A Court of Faerie

Errol wants to avenge the death of his kin. Instead he uncovers a secret plot that will change his kingdom.

It is up to Errol to ensure the truth is made public and justice is served—even when it might get him and those he cares about killed in the process.


Is duty to a corrupt and unjust king worth the risk?


Book 3: A Court of Nightmares

Captain Errol of the Silver Court’s royal guard thought he wanted revenge. Now he just wants to survive.

Can Errol come to terms with his muse magic, navigate the strict hierarchy of classism in Fae society, and craft magical bargains with an impossible prince in order to outwit his enemies?


Book 4: A Court of Ravens

It will take Errol’s wisdom from failures buried deep in his past to outtrick a trickster king he once served. This could be Errol’s way of redeeming himself for his failures—but it just might use up every last drop of magic he has left and leave him dead.


Book 5: A Court of Witchkin

Errol finds himself falling in love with Imani despite his vow to hold duty first—even if that means never loving again. Yet his heart has other plans for him.

Errol is faced with performing his duty as his king has dictated or following his heart—giving up honor and everything else he holds dear in the process.


Book 6: A Court of Magic

When a dashing suitor sweeps Imani off her feet, Errol is upstaged by this young man who fits King Viridios’ requirements for marriage. As much as Errol would like to see Princess Imani happy, his rival is too good to be true and his intentions seem questionable.

The answer to Errol’s problem lies in the mystery of his origin. Only if he accepts the help of enemies and unlikely allies, can he prove he is descended from royalty and prevent Imani from marrying the wrong man.

Can Errol solve the mystery of his past before it’s too late?


Book 7: A Court of Shadows and Lies

A dark and dangerous creature lurks in the shadows with Princess Imani as its target.

After all Errol’s magic has been drained from him, the only ability he has left is his wits. Armed with that skill and no others, he must stop a monster before time runs out for the woman he loves.


This is a fantasy series bridging historical and contemporary timelines, set in the same world as Womby’s School for Wayward Witches, Son of a Succubus, and The Trouble with Hedge Witches Series.