Book 4 of Son of a Fae

A Court of Ravens: General Errol of the Raven Court Royal Guard

Secrets. Lies. Betrayal.

Not all muses inspire. Some destroy.

General Errol, the commanding officer of the royal guard, is left injured in the line of duty after an attack by an enemy court. Though his king has succeeded in defeating the enemy and now reigns as a benign benefactor of the new Raven Court, Errol is left without magic. He is displaced and unable to serve his king and kingdom as he once had.

When shadow goblin spies sneak into the castle and stir up trouble, Errol is determined to discover their accomplice—even if it happens to be someone in the royal family. It comes as no surprise that the wily king of the Silver Court has plans for the Raven Court, including a plot that will threaten Princess Imani’s welfare.

It will take Errol’s wisdom from failures buried deep in his past to outtrick a trickster king he once served. This could be Errol’s way of redeeming himself for his failures—but it just might use up every last drop of magic he has left and leave him dead.

This is a contemporary fantasy set in the same world as Womby’s School for Wayward Witches, Son of a Succubus, and The Trouble with Hedge Witches Series.