Four Videos Every Star Wars Fan Needs to See


First of all, when I say “Star Wars fan” I mean the original Star Wars. People who truly know Darth Vader through the original three can only begin to comprehend his pathos. This is why I enjoy parodies like “Darth Vader in Love” and “Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager.”


Star Wars Libertarian Special

I enjoyed the sci-fi take on current events and politics. I love how they pointed how the Wookie didn’t get a medal and should have. There was some gold for Star Wars fans in this.


Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager

One of my friends introduced me to this series about ten years ago. It has a pretty good plot and Chad Vader is really sympathetic compared to the evil nemesis manager.


Darth Vader in Love

I discovered this years ago and loved it then and still enjoy it. I love how the other manager is the true villain and how sympathetic Lord Vader is.


Funny Star Wars Commercials

My favorite commercial was the second one. I was also excited when I saw the Energizer Bunny commercial near the end because I remember that one from my childhood.


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