10 of the Best Harry Potter Valentines


Anyone who knows me knows I Heart Harry Potter. Also, I love myself a good pun. As we approach Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be relevant to share the best Harry Potter e-cards I have yet found. I am sure I will find even more on February 15th. 

How can a Snape Valentine not bewitch my mind and ensare my senses? This has to be a favorite considering what a great backstory he has.


Love the double entendre. 

The idea of the Dark Lord writing a Valentine is hilarious. I can only think of one person in the entire series who would enjoy that. If you are a H.P. fan, you know who she is.

Oh, yes, I love this made-up word! I love making up words in general. It’s fantabulous.

This captures Gilderoy Lockhart perfectly. 

I think my baby nephew’s onesies says this as well. It looks far cuter on a baby than Uncle Vernon.

This one is so cute!

I’m sure this was worded very carefully so it would be appropriate for children and it wouldn’t be dirty.

This isn’t exactly a Valentine, but close enough. And it does some up those “must not be named” secret admirer moments.


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