Five Star Wars Music Videos Fans Will Love


It’s that time of year again. The season we’ve all been waiting for. Yes, for those who have joined the Dark Side, you know what I mean. Not Christmas shopping, but time for Star Wars. I love a nerdtastic Star Wars parody.


Star Wars in 99 Seconds

My only complaint is that he included the Star Wars I don’t consider true Star Wars, but I do like that he includes the major musical scores. The artist is very talented.


All About that Base: Star Wars

Meghan Trainor’s original song is pretty catchy. The parody is just as fun. I love the costumes and lyrics of this version. Also, now I want a Darth Vader corset.


Moves Like Jabba

It was fun to see this music video. The music is fun too. I can see myself doing a belly dance performance to this if I someday get my hands on a Princess Leia costume.


The Star Wars That I used to Know

This is so subtle I probably wouldn’t even notice the lyrics are different if I hadn’t watched the video to go with it. I love the way they altered this and I think I like this one better than the original. I agree with the sentiment in this version more than Gotye’s original of Somebody That I Used to Know.


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