Viking the Internet: Humor and Educational Sites about Norse Culture


Over the last year Viking mythology has made its way into my writing more and more. I’m sure this has nothing to do with Eugene being such a hotspot for Viking sightings. I swear I’m telling the truth when I say that the bank branch manager in Springfield’s name is Thor. And I hear the Mad Viking may have accidentally made a hole in the wall of an office with his pole axe on when No Shame Eugene’s actor was inviting another theatre to come perform at their event. Was this truly an accident or Viking powers unleashed? Even with movies, like Thor, we are seeing more mainstream Norsemen.


Below are some Viking resources I have used for inspiration, laughs and education for my writing.


Educational Viking Researches


Norse and Viking Names

Because not every character in my Viking monster story can be named Erik and Bjorn, I used this resource to add a little richness to the names in my writing.


Viking History

I like in general but this list gives a few facts on Vikings that I found helpful.


Handy Lists of Gods for Viking Mythology


Norse Mythology

Whether for business or pleasure reading, Norse monsters and descriptions of what they are. This was useful for my story, Demon in the Centerfold.


Grendel and Beowulf

I am especially interested in all the mistranslations and the potential changes from the original text that may depict Grendel’s mother as a monster rather than a warrior woman.


Viking Humor


Awkward Avoidance Viking

Okay, this one has no real informative value. But all of Studio C’s Viking videos make me crack up and give me inspiration to write funny Vikings.


Jesse Wells the Mad Viking at No Shame Eugene

Some of the Viking skits also are a little lewd. Still, I can’t help getting a kick out of them.


The Viking Song by Daniel Lowd at No Shame Eugene

My first hand knowledge is that pole axe is sharp.


 Is there something Viking related you feel I should add to this post that would be informative, useful or funny? Comment on Facebook to share what you enjoy.