Online Magazines that Publish and Accept Humor


I have been thinking about humor a lot lately. I like to read fun, light, and happy science fiction, fantasy and paranormal romance. I think that is the majority of what I write and what’s leftover in me writes the really dark fiction. I have been noticing where not to send short stories as there are markets that say they take humor but in actuality, it is either humor I just don’t get or quirky/weird but not what I actually think of as humor. Part of what my critique group, Wordos, does is dissect markets and figure out what they are looking for. At least we do when we are low on stories to critique.

So I have been compiling markets out of my inventory of writing sales and submission that I think like humor (or perhaps just my sense of humor).  I thought it might be of benefit to other people besides just myself. I have listed the name of the market, website and what I sold. The titles might give an idea of what kind of humor they like and how much success a relatively new author has had with them.

I’m also curious if other people have had success with particular markets that accept humor, and what magazines and short story publishers you enjoy reading that publishes humor. I know I always enjoy something funny after a hard day.


Allasso (potentially closed?)

Greener on the Other side


Bards and Sages

Putting the Romance Back into Necromancy

Mrs. Claws and the Naughty List

A Job with Benefits

The Office Messiah


Crossed Genres

Worse than a Devil


Daily Science Fiction

Dear Jezzy: Lovelorn in the Lower World (a series of 6 advice columns to monsters)


Losing One’s Appetite



Deep Wood Publishing

Lady Chatterley’s Computer

The Trouble with Trolls


Electric Spec

Aladdin’s Neti Pot



Princesses Do Not Breathe Fire


Flatiron Press

Five Tips for Abducting Humans Without Being Caught


Metro Moms

Her Delicate Condition



Why Did the Vampire Cross the Road?


New Myths

The Optimist Police

Speed Dating for Books



On the Premises

The Quantum Mechanic


Penumbra (permanently closed?)

Interstellar Tech Support



Debbie Does Delta Draconis

Cinderella’s Holo Wand

You Say Potato, I say Holy Crap


Plasma Frequency

Five Tips for Outsmarting Satan


The Penn Cove Literary Award


Five Helpful Hints for Haunting the Living

Paranormal Personal Ads

The Last Supper

Undressing Mr. Darcy


Roar Anthology (Fur Planet Publishing)

Eels for Heels

The Dragon Rider



Confessions of a Toilet/Orgasm Fairy


Untied Shoelaces of the Mind

Blackboard Galaxy

Hello, Mrs. Robinson

Zombie Psychology


Markets that seem to like funny, though I haven’t sold to them:

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

Flash Fiction Online

UFO (Unidentified Funny Objects)

Urban Fantasy Magazine