In my series, WOMBY’S SCHOOL FOR WAYWARD WITCHES, a grumpy older teacher mentors the adult daughter of the woman he loved twenty years before who tragically died. It started off as a reimagining of a female Harry Potter, but with adult characters, at a different magical school. At first I thought I was writing a parody, but it become more series and grew into its own world.

These are some of the pieces of art that inspired me as I wrote the novel. Sometimes when I went on Deviant Art, I would look at these and daydream about what could have been in Harry Potter—and what I could still do in my novels.

Snape tales
by J-vidanova

The caption says:

“Fairy tales told by Professor Severus Snape before sleep”

It sparks my imagination. Is this Snape reading to Lily? Is this him reading to his and Lily’s child?

After Midnight
by Ngaladel

This piece is so beautiful I love to look at it. I love the idea behind it. It captures Snape’s melancholy and regret and the idea that this fairy-angel might be watching over him even if he can’t see her.


by Irisclaymore

First, I like the highlights and shadows in this. Second, I like the visceral emotion it evokes of nuzzling your face in someone’s neck and smelling their skin. I love the idea this could have been Lily and Snape’s happy ending.

by irisclaymore

One of the things I find interesting about this one is that she is pursing him. Also, even though they are together, he still looks depressed and emo so that sparks my imagination. It makes me ask why?

Lily’s Embrace
by perselus

The thing I find so peculiar and interesting about this is that Snape and Lily are naked so it implies this is a lover’s embrace, but he looks ashen and dead. So that implies this is actually after he is dead. Then it makes me wonder if she is a ghost or angel or what he is imagining as he is dying or just an alternate universe of what could have been. In any case, neither look happy and that is what intrigues me the most.

Severus+Lily Bookmarks

by Ellaine

I loved this image so much I wanted to purchase nonexclusive rights to make bookmarks with the artists work and the title of my book, but it isn’t easy to contact artists through Maybe some day.


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