Sad Severus Snape Illustrations that Make Me Want to Cry


Does anyone else have a Severus Snape obsession? It isn’t so much that I’m obsessed with a grumpy old man who is a teacher at a magical school—although anything at a magical school is a plus. It is the idea that Severus Snape loved Lily since they were friends. He loved her even after she stopped loving him and continued to love her after her death. I empathize with his back story, that his arch rival—the kid who used to make fun of him and beat him up—got the girl instead of him.

He is dark and emo and you don’t doubt he could be a death eater but he also loves and pines. He was the one who tried to save Harry and other students multiple times—and sometimes was stunned with magic spells for it as a thank you.
I am intrigued and touched by his love story. That is part of the reason I wrote Womby’s School for Wayward Witches. Anyone who reads Witches Gone Wicked always picks up on the Alan Rickman’s Snape as Felix Thatch vibe, though the character does take on a life of his own.

HP-sume1 get the Ghost Busters

By Koenta
I love the way this one captures Snape’s longing for Lily.

DH: Love, Lily

By Pojypojy
This one also does an excellent job of capturing emotion.


By Everybery
This one is so sad and perfect. It evokes emotion

Snape and Lily

By Kyla79
This captures exactly what I imagined happened when he found Lily.

I wish… – Deathly Hallows

By Ellaine
This is cute and sweet which is why I like it but I can’t imagine Snape smiling. Ever.


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