Womby’s School for Wayward Witches Series Box Set 11-15

A magical boarding school. Budget cuts. Missing teaches. A not-so-cozy mystery.

You think you know the world of magical boarding schools? Not from a teacher’s perspective at a school for at risk youth.

This book bundle includes:
Of Curse You Will
Cackles and Cauldrons
Hex and the City
Wedding Bells and Midnight Spells
Hex Appeal
Night of the Living Deadcrumbs and Careers for Magical Creatures are also included in this bundle.

WARNING: These books contain hex-rated mysteries.

Book 11: Of Curse You Will

Having a clandestine romance in a realm of witches, Fae, and monsters is dangerous, especially when Prince Charming’s curse complicates one’s sex-life—and could result in death.

A mysterious presence haunts the school and threatens Clarissa and those closest to her. She must figure out who is behind these threats before anyone else gets hurt.

Book 12: Cackles and Cauldrons

When Thatch is accused of murder, Clarissa must prove that Thatch has been framed, a difficult task considering all evidence points in his direction. Yet if she uses her forbidden skills of necromancy, she risks exposure of her affinity and her job in the process.

Adult warning: Get a little more cozy with this hexy mystery.

Book 13: Hex and the City

Roses are red. Corpses are blue. I want you dead. And your boyfriend too.
—Your Secret Enemy

As the arts and craft teacher at a magical boarding school, Clarissa Lawrence has defeated budget cuts, battled juvenile delinquent witches, and nipped curses in the bud. Now she must defeat her enemy, the mysterious Fae who has been threatening—and succeeding—at killing her friends.

Book 14: Wedding Bells and Midnight Spells

A smooth wedding might be a wish even a djinn can’t grant considering the Raven Queen is set on abducting Clarissa, an ex with a hex has found out about her plans to marry and has vowed to kill the groom, and the wickedest witch in all the land insists on being her maid of honor.

Clarissa really would like to be good and not kill anyone on her wedding day, but who she sides with—and against—may depend on the man she chooses to be with in the end.

Book 15: Hex Appeal

The day Clarissa Lawrence got married, she didn’t just gain a husband, but she lost a fairy godmother—to the Raven Queen.
Only if Clarissa delivers the answers of the Fae Fertility Paradox, is there a chance she might be reunited with her mom. Yet if the Raven Queen knows how to produce heirs and populate the Fae race again, she will also produce an army of invincible Red affinities who will serve as her slaves and wipe out other Fae and Witchkin.
Can Clarissa bargain with the devil and survive?

Adult warning: Get a little more cozy with this hexy mystery.

Funny Short Stories from the Womby’s World and the Wrath of the Tooth Fairy crossover world:
Night of the Living Deadcrumbs
Careers for Magical Creatures