Stupid Cupid: A Funny Short Story

Mythological creatures, broken hearts, and mysteries only a cupid can unravel.

Tony is a cupid at Aphrodite’s Helpers. As a supervisor, he is mostly stuck behind the desk these days rather than doing fieldwork like he used to. When one of his employees brings him a file on a human who can’t love, Tony makes it his mission to help this human find love. He makes it his mission to unravel the mystery behind this human and figure out why she is resistant to cupid arrows.

Only, when Tony discovers the truth, he might have stumbled upon a bigger problem than he realized.

This quirky mystery is a short story set in the same urban fairy tale world as Wrath of the Tooth Fairy and Dear Jezzy. This is the fourth installment in the Fractured Fairy Tale Series, and the stories can be read in any order.