Book 5 of Son of a Fae

A Court of Witchkin: General Errol of the Raven Court Royal Guard

Honor. Duty. Magic.

General Errol, the commanding officer of the royal guard, has vowed to protect the royal family no matter what the cost. As loyal servant of King Elric-Atherius, Errol has fought foes from the previous regime of the Raven Court, defended his new sovereigns from the Silver Court, and even faced a Jabberwock once or twice in his time.

His greatest challenge awaits.

When King Elric foolishly strikes a bargain with his father, King Viridios of the Silver Court, the rulers agree Princess Imani will marry a man of King Viridios’ choosing.

No battle General Errol has faced will be as difficult as fending off Princess Imani’s suitors so that they don’t seduce her with enchantments or use muse magic to drive her mad with pining. It is bad enough he is tasked with this duty despite his depleted magic, but his king expects him to help the princess choose one of the suitors.

Errol finds himself falling in love with Imani despite his vow to hold duty first—even if that means never loving again. Yet his heart has other plans for him.

Errol is faced with performing his duty as his king has dictated or following his heart—giving up honor and everything else he holds dear in the process.