Womby's school for Wayward Witches Series

A hex-positive mystery.

You think you know the world of magical boarding schools? 

Not from a teacher’s perspective at a school for at risk youth.

Hedgewitchin' in the Kitchen

After Happily-Ever-After

Clarissa Lawrence discovers an unopened  present that explains Abigail Lawrence’s mysterious past.

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The Trouble with Hedge Witches Series

Curses. Witches. Revenge.

Magic doesn’t grow on trees—except for hedge witches with an affinity for plant magic.

Son of a Succubus Series

Witches, curses, and incubus charms—Oh My! Being an incubus in a heart of gold isn’t easy—especially when one needs to steal and lie for the Witch of Nightmares.

Son of a Fae Series

Secrets. Lies. Betrayal.

Not all muses inspire. Some destroy.

Ghoulish Charms

Part amateur sleuth,
part vigilante—and all parts wicked—Vega Bloodmire is the witch to call.

The Vega Bloodmire Cozy Witch Mystery Series

The Chronicles of Forget-Me-Not Forest Series

Monsters deserve love too. Fractured fairy tales for lovers of beauty and the beast.

The Fractured Fairy Tales Series

Funny short stories and fractured fairy tales in urban settings with fairies, magical creatures, and mythological monsters. Transport yourself into enchanting fantasy.

The Fairy Godmother Mysteries

A fractured fairy tale for adults who would like to see the fairy godmother have a happy ending—even if it isn’t with Prince Charming.

The memory Thief Series

Putting the steam back into steampunk!

Steampunk. Mystery. Romance. She will do anything to retrieve her memories, even if it means crossing the galaxy.


Mystery. Magic. Missing teachers. Budget cuts for the dark arts and crafts.

The first three books in the series available as audiobooks!

A Message from the Author about Book Reviews

Sarina Dorie, author, shares some tips for leaving book reviews.