Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Reading



A young adult science fiction and fantasy book reading with three local authors.



Sarina Dorie

Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Mary E. Lowd



5:30 pm

Tuesday, November 13th



Tsunami Books

2585 Willamette St.,

 Eugene OR






Sarina Dorie

[email protected]


Mary E. Lowd
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Come hear three local authors read from their novels and answer questions on their books, writing, and science fiction and fantasy. Featuring Nina Kiriki Hoffman’s Thresholds, Mary E. Lowd’s Otters in Space and Sarina Dorie’s Silent Moon.


Sarina Dorie will be reading from SILENT MOON, a young adult paranormal romance. Gothic Romance. Mystery. Ghosts. Imagine a blend of a whimsical fairytale world with Jane Eyre . . . only working in a house of werewolves.


Nina Kiriki Hoffman will be reading from THRESHOLDS, a middle grade novel. When Maya moves to Oregon, she finds out the new neighbors have a portal to other worlds in their basement. She can’t breathe a word to her family, not even when she winds up taking care of an alien!


Mary E. Lowd will be reading from OTTERS IN SPACE, a middle grade science fiction novel. Humans have left the Earth, and dogs rule. Can an oppressed tabby-cat named Kipper escape canine tyranny, navigate the wonders and eccentricities of the otter space station, and find out whether there truly is a cat paradise?





Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Over the past thirty years, Nina Kiriki Hoffman has sold adult and YA novels and more than 250 short stories.  She has won a Stoker and a Nebula award, and her works have been on the final ballot for the World Fantasy, Mythopoeic, Sturgeon, Philip K. Dick, and Endeavour awards. Her middle-school novels Thresholds and Meeting were published by Viking.  Permeable Borders, a collection of her short fiction, was published by Fairwood Press in 2012. She works with teen writers, and teaches a short story class through her local community college.  She lives in Eugene.


Mary E. Lowd

Mary E. Lowd writes about animals and spaceships.  She’s had more than thirty short stories published, and her first novel, OTTERS IN SPACE, was released in 2012 by FurPlanet.  Mary’s fiction has been nominated five times for Ursa Major Awards and won a Cóyotl Award.  She has many animals (five cats, three dogs), but she’s still working on getting a spaceship.


Sarina Dorie

Writer and illustrator, Sarina Dorie, is a first place winner of: Golden Claddagh RWA Award, Allasso Humor Award, Whidbey Student Choice Award, and is published in Daily Science Fiction, Bards and Sages, Neo-Opsis, Flagship, Allasso, New Myths, Penumbra, Crossed Genres and other magazines. Her paranormal romance novel, SILENT MOON, has won the Golden Rose Contest 2011, the Duel on the Delta Contest 2010, Winter Rose Contest 2010 and Ignite the Flame Contest 2010 through chapters of Romance Writers of America. Now, if only Jack Sparrow asks her to marry him, all her dreams will come true.