Where Does My Love of Paranormal Romance Come From?


The library at my elementary school was made up of rolling shelves made to resemble a giant train. I could always be found at the caboose where the non-fiction paranormal section was kept. I loved reading about fairies, witches, monsters, ghosts and UFOs. My taste hasn’t changed much since I was six years old, only now I don’t just read fantasy and science fiction, I write it.

My other literary love is romance. Also when I was six years old, my older sister brought home a VRC and a movie from the video store where she worked titled, “Romancing the Stone”. This was back in the 1980s when VCRs were not common. I loved the movie so much, I watched it multiple times a day until she had to bring the VCR back. I told my mother I wanted to be a romance novelist. With my werewolf/fairy Gothic romance novel, SILENT MOON out as an e-book and print book by Soul Mate publishing, one can see the influence of my two early loves—fantasy and romance.

The thing about romance though, is that I feel like the inner feminist in me and the hopeless romantic are always battling with each other about gender roles, the ridiculous and demeaning ways women and men behave in a romance and what is considered romantic. Often times the best way to point out these flaws are with humor, which is why I like to write parody and satire. I think a lot of the problems in romance and in relationships in general came out in the Dear Jezzy series. These paranormal love advice columns take place in my WRATH OF THE TOOTH FAIRY world, a novel in which the tooth fairy meets the bogeyman while working on the job collecting teeth. More information can be found on my website regarding this funny fantasy romance.

Dear Jezzy is soon to be released on the Daily Science Fiction Website.