Three Reasons to Watch the Sci-fi Show The Expanse


In a nutshell, this is a far future sci-fi novel set in outer space. Earth has colonized other planets and instead of international problems, it is interstellar. Throw in some mysterious alien virus, corrupt scientists, intense politics, mystery and intrigue and we have ourselves a great space drama. I’m really glad Amazon picked this story up after Netflix decided they weren’t going to make another season.

1. Excellent characters.

All the characters have great motivation, are all different from each other, have both good and bad qualities, and I care about all their problems—even the villains’. The writer did a good job making strong characters, all different in their ways. Everyone has such good personal stakes, I root for them all. Even the characters that I didn’t think I was going to like, I am compelled to see how they resolve their problems. I am invested. It is really interesting how much I came to enjoy Amos’s character. Apparently I am not the only one. I think I heard rumors of a spin-off series or book about his life.

Also, I was surprised how well and convincing the female characters and their conflicts were.

2. Great stakes and conflict.

Each episode ends on such a thrilling discovery or clue that it makes me want to watch the next episode immediately. It’s easy to binge watch.

3. Mystery.

Part of the story follows a detective uncovering a plot and it feels very noir mystery right down to the fedora hat—but in space! The alien mystery, where it came from, if it is evil, good, neutral, etc.—that is what keeps me watching. I have to know about the aliens.