Thirteen of the Best Severus Snape Portraits


I love Deviant Art because it is a great place to find art, artists and illustrations. I am an artist, but ironically, I don’t use it to show off my art. I use it because I like looking at pretty things. I use it to find illustrations for cover art. That is how I found the illustrator for the Womby’s School For Wayward Witches series.

I joined about a year ago and started “collecting” images of Severus Snape inspired fan art in preparation for my novels. Here were some evocative images that I enjoyed and wanted to share. Perhaps other people will enjoy these pieces as much as I do. 

Professor Severus Snape

by Natello
I love this Regency era Mr. Darcy-like Snape. This is one of the images that inspired me in writing Professor Thatch in my series Womby’s School for Wayward Witches. I considered it as a cover but I would need multiple pieces from the same illustrator.

Fuck Fairy Tales Severus Snape

by chrisables
It is the text that makes this. Yes, I agree! I wanted him to get the girl. I still do. That’s why I wrote a whole series about it!!!


by Kaiser-mony
I both love and hate the splatter. It feels symbolic of his death. It is haunting. It makes me remember how heartbroken I was when he died.
Also, I love his hair. It is how I imagine my character’s hair, tussled rakishly so that it looks like he spent hours on it but in reality it just falls perfectly into place.


by Ananovik
I enjoy the detail of this piece, the arrangement of the composition, that Snape is using levitation and the setting is in a potions lab.

The Half Blood Prince

by Vicky-Pandora

I can see this snooty portrait capturing the personality of the half-blood prince.

Harry Potter – Severus Snape


It is fun to see a powerful Snape instead of just melancholy.

The Potions Master

by aiwa
I enjoy the color and composition in this.

Severus Snape – Hogwarts

by woshibbdou
This is an interesting angle. It feels very final to me like this is Snape leaving Hogwarts forever.

Snape again

by LiaBatman
This artist has two Snape illustrations that I like for different reasons. I loved the first piece so much I considered using it as a book cover, but ultimately I decided that if I was going to do that for a series I needed more than one of the same artist so the branding would look the same. Instead I just gaze fondly at this piece.
by LiaBatman
This captures mood and character well.

Dramatic Moment

by Anni-viech
The symbolism here is really well done. It is evocative and sad.

Speedpaint – Severus Snape

by KaseiArt
This is a nice portrait. The monochromatic color scheme captures the mood well.

Severus Snape

by Goldenrod1034
This is absolutely beautiful art. It looks like color pencils but it could be pastels. When I was looking for illustrations and cover art for my character, Professor Felix Thatch, I wanted to stay away from Alan Rickman portraits because I want my character to be his own character and be more than fan fiction.

Severus Snape

by StarcrossedScientist
Every time I see this one, I get a good laugh. Then I look at it again. And again. My husband teases me mercilessly about it.

This seemed like a good one to end on.

I hope you enjoyed these artists and their art. You can follow links back to their Deviant Art page to see more of their work. If you are as obsessed with Severus Snape and his unhappy ending, you might enjoy seeing the embodiment of that curmudgeonly character and his unrequited love for his pupil’s mother in the Womby’s School for Wayward Witches series.

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