The Life of a Short Story


Typically the life of a story goes through this process for me:

1. Write the story.

2. Edit. Proofread. Have it critiqued. Edit. Proofread. Put it aside and proofread again. And again.

3. Send it to magazines and anthologies.

4. Get lots of rejections from editors and continue sending it out.

5. Sell the story for first world rights or some equivalent.

6. Wait until rights revert back to me. Sell the story for second world rights, audio rights or other rights.

7. Publish for free on Smashwords.

In my news portion of this website I am going to endeavor to keep that page updated with a list of the most current stories that have come out and are live, and available to read. Here, in my story story section, all the stories are available to download for free from Smashwords at the link above.