The Affinities Explained from Womby’s School for Wayward Witches


Determining the affinity, or the type, of a Witchkin is a process that involves a sorting fire in the Womby’s School for Wayward Witches series. The sorting commonly included Celestor, Elementia, Amni Plandai, or more rarely a double affinity. Even more rare–and dangerous–is the Red affinity.


If you are a Celestor. . . .

You love to learn and everyone knows it. Not only are you a healthy Witchkin with the potential for superior skills, but you have one of the most elite affinities. Not everyone can be as awesome as you! But you already know that, don’t you?


Most Celestors are natural night owls and draw strength from the stars, but some are especially invigorated by sunlight, which fuels their magical ability. It is important for a Celestor to know whether it is the sun, moon, stars, or other heavenly bodies that serves as the catalyst for his or her magic.


Celestors are often considered to be studious, hardworking bookworms due to the necessity of spending long hours mastering their craft. This is because Celestors have the most difficult of magics to learn. Wards, divination, and alchemy are tricky skills, but if time and effort are spent on the most challenging magics, all other affinities are relatively easy to learn afterward. The ease of mastering lesser affinities may cause rivalry, jealousy, and rejection from Witchkin with less difficult affinities who may label Celestors as snobs or anti-social.


Those who identify as Celestor are often sought after for their ability to foresee the future, creative spell making, positions in academia, and politics. A Merlin-class Celestor is the highest rank that only the most skilled Celestors earn.


*Note: Celestors love to learn. They want to know everything and take pride in excelling at everything. But not all forms of magic are meant to be learned. Although a Celestor can learn all magics, it is better to ignore that temptation. Leave the forbidden magics alone. DO NOT sneak the forbidden books from the library.


If you are an Amni Plandai. . . .

You are a normal Witchkin with a love of nature. You gravitate toward plants and animals. Most likely you are a nurturer who feels most at home when expressing compassion and caring—even when others around you wish you would stop caring so much.

If you gravitate toward plants, you might excel in a vocation that uses potions, healing, or hedge witchery. Many Amni Plandai with a kinship for plants feel most energized while gardening, hiking, or dancing naked in nature.

Amni Plandai whose kinship is with animals feel most at home in their true animal form, crave the companionship of a familiar, and get along well with sasquatches, unicorns, satyrs, and pegasuses. Those who gravitate toward animals often excel in animal husbandry, veterinary medicine for magical beasts, and pegasus polo, or become unicorn trainers, hellhound walkers, and other related occupations.

Often times Witchkin with an Amni Plandai affinity will gravitate toward the plant or animal side of his nature, sometimes with a minor affinity that may supplement one’s skills. For example, an Amni Plandai who is drawn to animals with a minor Elementia focus of water might be drawn to mermaids, kraken, or kelpies while an Amni Plandai who is drawn to plants and has a minor water affinity may be apt to develop skills in potions.

The Amni Plandai with the highest skills are the Nimue-level Amni Plandai, the most sought after of this affinity.

*Note: Although many respectable Witchkin are descendants of sirens, nymphs, and green men, Amni Plandai must be careful not to allow this side of his or her nature to grow out of control. It is important not to nurture fertility and virility magic to the point that it turns into sex magic to control others.


If you are an Elementia. . . .

You’re too hot to handle and too cool to drool! Your affinity is Elementia. You are a normal Witchkin with a love of the elements.

Elementia excel in using earth, wind, water, fire, and other subcategories within these divisions. Some particularly gravitate toward a season or a specific mineral.

Often Elementia are considered temperamental with hot and cold natures or stormy temperaments, but in actuality, they are often misunderstood. Elementia often feel comfortable in extreme climates so long as the heat—or lack of—matches one’s disposition.

Depending on what a major affinity is paired with, those with metal, rock, and mineral affinities might gravitate toward careers in mining, production of crystal balls, use of crystal balls for scrying, or alchemy. Both witches with fire and earth affinities do well with forging and metallurgy, but fire witches might also excel at pyromancy with candles and fires or drawing out magic by dancing around a fire.

Ice witches can help others with preservation and refrigeration. Atmokinesis is sought after to control weather to help sustain conditions for producing fruitful crops. Often water witches are strongest in winter and do well with liquids in any of their states, while fire witches are strongest in the summer and do better in drier conditions. Though water witches are sought after for potion making, and rain-summoning during droughts, many with water talents are descended from merfolk and water nymphs and often feel most at home living near or in bodies of water.

It is rare when an one earns the highest level of Mage-ranked Elementia, as this title is granted to one skilled in all forms of element-based magic.

*Note: Many water witches are healers and demonstrate good citizenship in the Unseen Realm. It should be noted that some exhibit the characteristics of a blood mage, which should be snuffed out at an early age so that one doesn’t learn to rely on the dark side of forbidden magics.

The same warning goes to Elementia drawn to thunder and storm magic. Many ordinary, law-abiding citizens are descended from elemental Fae furies and possess such abilities. Be careful to avoid lightning magic, as it closely related to forbidden magic and can be mistaken for the Red affinity.


If you are a Double Affinity. . . .

You have multiple affinities.

It is rare that a Witchkin will have two affinities with equal weight. Though some might consider it a burden to train in both forms of magic, it is also an advantage to have two powers to draw from. If a water witch is crippled by fire and heat but she or he also has the Celestor ability of starlight to draw from, this talent may lend a secondary strength in a time of need. Think upon how these affinities may pair together and use them to your benefit.


If you are the Lost Red Affinity. . . .

Uh oh. So you’re a Red affinity. Now what?

Probably there was a mistake somewhere. Return to the test and take it again until you get a different result. Surely there must be something that is a better aptitude for your magic.

Did you retake the test? Did the results come out the same?

If that is the case, you should probably continue reading about this affinity. We won’t call it your affinity. Probably you are just reading about this out of curiosity. More likely you are a Celestor who simply has read this far for the sake of knowledge. . . .

Even so, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about this affinity. It isn’t mentioned in most textbooks. The sorting fire doesn’t name it. There is a reason for that.

Few are born with this rare affinity. Little is known about those who are unlucky enough to possess this dangerous form of magic. It is thought that tactile and kinesthetic means fuels this power. The Red affinity may manifest through movement such as dancing or fighting. Touching another through pleasure or pain may also enhance this ability. Electricity and the transference of kinetic energy is considered to play a part in this magic—not that any respectable Witchkin would study the forbidden Morty sciences to determine if this is truly the case.

The Red affinity is the most threatening form of magic to Fae and Witchkin of other affinities who are unable to protect themselves from the electrical nature of this magic. The study of blood magic, necromancy, electricity, sex-magic, pain magic, and other related fields is FORBIDDEN.

Good luck hiding what you are. They’re watching.