Steampunk and Victorian Costume Photos


I have always loved the clothes of the Victorian era. I used to be a Civil War reenactor when I was a teenager and still have many of those costumes. I seldom wear them but I can’t stand to get rid of them. I especially like late Victorian clothes and loved old-fashioned styles as a teen. Since I am a local fashion designer and love to make upcycled creations, bloomers and bustle skirts and fascinators, I love playing dress up and creating new things. My knowledge of period fashion comes in handy for when I write steampunk like in my story, Lady Chatterley’s Computer, or in the novel I am currently working on, The Memory Thief. Below are photos I have taken of steampunk and Victorian photos as well as some fun fashion pieces that are hard to classify.


Below is a photo of my friend Tamathy and I outside the Shelton McMurphey Johnson House steampunk tea party. I am holding my upcycled parasol and wear a hat, fascinator, hair extensions and jewelry I made to fit the Victorian theme. What I didn’t make like my coat, blouse and gloves were thriftstore finds. On my face I glued gears. Tamathy told me about all the upcycled parts of her costume, a mixture of thriftstore finds and things she had since high school.

Above are two women at Norwescon, a science fiction and fantasy conference. One sports a mini top hat, bustle skirt, striped stockings and corset while the other woman wears more traditional Victorian attire. This photo was taken at Norwescon. There are many people who costume and cosplay.


This is my friend, Ellen, at Norwescon. She wears a lovely corset with tail that splits in the back to show off a bustle skirt. In her hair is one of my flower feather hair fascinators. Her colors all work together well.


There was a steampunk tea at the Shelton McMurphey Johnson House in Eugene. I loved the way the light and shadow in the parlour looked as this woman looks on in her top hat.

These two women put the punk back into steampunk at the Shelton McMurphey Johnson House tea party.

Tamathy, is an aviator in her steampunk costume. 

Let’s get this steampunk party started. Actually, this is a photo at the end of the party during clean up time.


Two ladies at the steampunk tea pose in their fabulous ensembles.

This woman is in a costume at Norwescon. Her costume isn’t quite medieval, isn’t quite Victorian, it isn’t exactly classical Chinese. I should have asked her what it was but I didn’t.