The Forest Lord: An Urban Fantasy Short Story

Is the Green Man friend or foe? Read this modern retelling to find out what one woman does when she comes face to face with a mythological creature.

When Millie runs away from her troubles in New York, she thinks she will find sanctuary in her new home. Unfortunately, there is something unsettling about the cabin in the forest where she has moved. The trees whisper at night and eerie creatures roam the forest.

Millie has never believed in magic. Until now.

As Millie solves the mystery of what lurks in the forest, her past comes crashing back down on her, and there is nowhere left to run. Will the forest lord be able to help her tame her personal demons—or is he a demon she should run from?

This short story is an urban fairy tale based on Celtic mythology.

This is the third installment in the Fractured Fairy Tale Series, and the stories can be read in any order.