My Little Kelpie: An Urban Fairy Tale

Hay is for horses. Kelpies prefer cigarettes.

Bridget isn’t like the other children. She sees things that others cannot see. She knows things about fairies that others don’t know. She doesn’t know it, but she is a changeling.

On her way to school, Bridget encounters a strange talking horse trying to lure children into the ravine with promises of chocolate mountains and lollipop trees. Unlike everyone else, Bridget can see through the kelpie’s appearance—and his lies. She thinks she has thwarted the kelpie’s malicious ways until children in her neighborhood start disappearing. In order to bring children back from the Faerie Realm, Bridget must accept her identity as a daughter of the Unseelie Court and journey to the dark side.

Unfortunately, once she’s home, there’s no returning to the human world. Once Bridget has a taste of power, will she even want to go back?

A modern fairy tale of magic, mystery, and the Unseelie Court. Lovers of Labyrinth, Charlie the Unicorn, and the folktale of the Fairy Midwife, will enjoy this twisted fairy tale. Be warned: this isn’t your typical My Little Pony adventure! This is the sixth installment in the Fractured Fairy Tale Series, and the stories can be read in any order.