A Pocket Full of Poison: Fairy Tales of Magic and Mystery

Mystery. Magic. Revenge. Not all fairy tales are meant to come true.

Abigail will do anything to destroy her enemies, even if she loses her heart and soul in the process.

Apprenticing for the Witch of Nightmares hasn’t been easy. If it wasn’t for her best friend, Lucifer, Abigail MacQuillan might not have survived lessons in forbidden magic and witchcraft. After three years, Abigail has finally gained the magical skills required to defeat her enemies. At last she can avenge the murder of her family and destroy the Fae who continue to capture children and eat them.

In order to deceive her enemies, Abigail must get to know them and discover their weaknesses. She must trick them into believing she is like them. As Abigail does so, she finds herself empathizing with the monsters she’s vowed to hate. If she isn’t careful, her new friendship might stop her from fulfilling the mission she’s worked so long to accomplish.

Yet if she follows through with this act of vengeance, it might destroy the good witch she’s become and set her on a path of destruction.