Nerdtastic Parodies You Won’t Want to Miss


There’s nothing like an in-joke that you get because you have the background and insight to get it. That’s how these videos are. Each centers around some aspect of “nerd” culture, whether that’s Star Trek, gaming, Harry Potter or Star Wars. It’s so much more fun to be in on the joke and make fun of ourselves than for an outsider to do so. 


Talk Nerdy to Me

I love how this shows several different nerd genres. I think people can geek out on this whether they’re fandom is Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, gaming or one of the others mentioned in the song.


The Guild—Do you Wanna Date My Avatar?

I have loved Felicia Day since Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. This is one of my favorites of her videos. I have always wanted to do a belly dance performance to this but I need the right costume first.


Star Trek: The Libertarian Edition

This contained some funny political stuff.


Adele-Hello From the Dark Side Parody

It’s mostly the lyrics that made this fun, but the execution is also well done.


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