Interview with Zachary Paul Chopchinski, author of Webley and the World Machine


I love steampunk fashion, stories, art, conferences and exhibits. I love the cover art on Webley and the World Machine and am fascinated by the concept. I asked the author about his inspiration and what he loves about steampunk. Zachary Paul Chopchinski shared some insight behind the creation of his novel.

What inspired you to write this novel?
One day I was brushing my teeth and preparing for the day when an old commercial popped into my head. It was a commercial for made in 2008 about a giant who takes an elevator down to the center of the world every morning, hops on a bike and petals to keep the Earth turning. I just thought, what a really cool idea. And thus The World Machine was built. Here is the link to the commercial if you are curious: 

What do you love about Steampunk?
What I love about Steampunk is the science and simplicity. There’s just something about science fiction in general that, when it’s done right, the science seems plausible which I think is more challenging in Steampunk. For me that challenge makes it more fun to write. The simplicity of it is that there’s something about a cog and gear machine that just powers and runs itself which I find soothing. I think this also explains my affinity for watches. 

Summary of Webley and the World Machine

by Zachary Paul Chopchinski

To Save Humanity, They’ll Have to Leave It Behind.

A World Beneath Our World
A War To End All Wars 

Meet Adal, an 18 year old hot-shot who’s charming his way though life.
He may be handsome, but his snark and good looks won’t help him when he’s fighting for his life.
In comes Arija. 
Arija is Adal’s best friend. Her job is to keep Adal from getting them killed.

When Adal and Arija find a whole new world hidden deep in the center of the Earth, the result is life changing. The Dwellers of The World Machine work to keep the Earth turning. But when Arija and Adal stumble onto a growing conflict that will destroy the Earth, they find themselves forced to fight. 

It’s finally Adal’s chance to be the hero…
If Arija will let him get a shot in, that is. 

Webley and The World Machine is a YA Steampunk featuring two snarky and fun eighteen year olds, a dwarf-like giant and a whole slew of odd robotic creatures. It’s Bioshock meets League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and if you love kick-ass women you need this book in your life. 

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WARNING: The characters in this book have a mind of their own and enjoy swearing and generally getting themselves into trouble.

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