Interstellar Tech Support

Short Stories

“Interstellar Tech Support,” is a quirky 1600 word sci-fi story about a man experiencing technical difficulties in space while under alien attack—made worse by the service provider that is supposed to aid him with his futuristic technology. This is a fun read for anyone who has experienced poor customer service, been put on hold and been asked twenty questions by tech support.


Interstellar Tech Support

Sarina Dorie


Jonah Hubbard slowed his mini-pod as he passed Mars. His senses came crashing back to him as he exited hyperdrive. In the upper right hand corner of his visor, a red signal flashed, warning him his bullet-shaped, mini-pod leaked fuel. Had he been hit by the alien cruiser he’d passed right before he’d made his hyper jump out of the Reynolds Colony? His heart still raced from the encounter. Most humans who came in contact with alien vessels didn’t live to tell the tale.

Earth twinkled like a star in the distance. So close, but not close enough. Jonah had few options left. He continued to Earth and flipped on the link to Rom Colonies Tech Support.

“Tech support, do you read? Tech support, come in,” Jonah said into the microphone attached to his flight suit. His voice rose on the edge of panic when no one immediately answered. He forgot about the slight delay as his audio was sent through relay stations outside hyperspeed points.

“Hello, this is Rom Colonies Inc. Tech Support. To whom am I speaking?” an overly cheerful female voice asked.

“Jonah Hubbard. I’m having an emergency. I’m running out of–”

“Can I get your make, model and identification number to verify it’s you, sir?”

Jonah clenched gloved hands, trying not to groan. “A T Class Bullet Pod. I need you to hurry. I’m running out of fuel.” He couldn’t detect leaking fluid when he craned his head to see out the glass bubble around him, but it was likely the leak was underneath his ship.

There was a pause before she responded. “Please hold as we verify your information.” Pause. “Your warranty is nearly up. Would you like me to renew your policy?”

“No!” Jonah nearly screamed into the microphone. “I don’t have time for that. I want to speak with a real human being who can give me tech support.”


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